Self Consumption

Maximize Self Consumption and make the most out of your Solar PV system.


  • Did You bought a new house which have Solar PV Already?
  • Did you bought Solar PV for your existing house, however wondering about that your Solar PV Production mainly happens in the middle of the day, when nobody at home?
  • Do you have a sense, that your Solar PV Feeds your Fridges, Alarm and Maybe Your Air Condition, but there is no any other value for you?
  • Would you be consider a solution, which Measure and Capture your Solar PV Surplus Energy instead of Exporting it to the Grid for Free?


If your answer is Yes, for any of these questions, then SaveMeMoney have three cost efficient, Future Proof solution for you, which can be retro fitted to your existing Solar PV System.


Since the Typical Part-L / New Build Solar PV System comes as standard, without Monitoring and Self Consumption metering, SaveMeMoney Recommend to identify the generated surplus electricity amount, before you invest 6000-70000 euros on a Battery Storage Technology.

Batteries such as Tesla PowerWall II, LG Chem, Enphase, Solax Lithium-Ion batteries are fantastic, but may not make any feasible sense for you.



Step 1 – Identify Surplus Power and Export:

The 4-noks Elios4you smart offers single-phase monitoring showing generation, consumption & import/export an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet.

You can also control up to 4 plugs/switches to utilize excess generation by switching appliances on and off.


How Elios 4 You Smart will Work for You? 


The Elios4you Smart offers all the functionality of the standard Elios4you with the added benefit of controlling appliances via wirelessly controlled plugs and/or switches.

The Elios4you Smart plugs and switches are managed by the Elios4you app to optimise your consumption to times when you have excess generation that would normally be exported.

Manage energy consumption of appliances cost-effectively, prioritise activation according to parameters or manually control  anytime, anywhere!

  • 70mm wide (~4 spaces in consumer unit)
  • Includes 2 CT clamps with 1m cables (1 for generation, 1 for import/export)
  • For single-phase installs upto 6kW
  • 2 years EU manufacturer’s warranty



Option 2 – Add Power Reducer:



Option 3 – Implement the Right Battery Type and Size:


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