Building Regulations Part-L Requirements for Renewable



Are you a house builder? Or just bought a house recently?
Did you know, if your house built after 2008 it should meet with Building regulations 2008 Part-L ?

The Building Regulations Part-L states that new dwellings constructed in Ireland must generate least 10kWh of thermal emery per year for every mof floor area Or 4kWh of electric energy for every m2 of the floor area per year or this combination, which gives an equivalent.

Because the Electrical Heating is 2.5 Times More Efficient than heating with water, therefore with a Solar PV, you can meet with the Part-L for less.


Example Calculation

  • A new 300mdwelling must generate 1,200kWh of Electrical Energy.
  • 300 x 4kWh = 1,200kWh
  • A new 300mdwelling must generate 3,000kWh of Thermal Energy.
  • 300 x 10kWh = 3,000kWh



Why Solar PV?


Economical Benefits of Solar PV

  • Cost Effective way to Meet with PART-L and BER
  • Solar PV Increase The Property Value
  • Quick and Flexible Install in harmony with your needs
  • No Water overheating with Solar PV
  • No Plumber or Plumbing Work Needed
  • No Waterpump needed
  • Low to Zero Maintanance costs
  • Efficient way to generate Electricity, which then reduce your Electricity Consumption
  • Solar PV can Reduce Electricity Consumption up to 70% from day one
  • Surplus Power can be used to Heat Water Cylinder
  • Solar PV System Supplied and Installed by our Company
  • Solar PV System Installed by our Internal Certified Engineers
  • Module Level Monitoring with our Smart Solar PV Systems is Available
  • Smart Home Energy Management Systems is Available
  • We Provide Up to 5 Years Free Service Warranty with our Solar PV Systems
  • We Provide RECI Certification and Safe Electrical Installation after ourselves



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