Solar PV

What is Solar PV  System & how does it work?


  1. The Solar PV (Also known as Photovoltaic) systems, harvest the Sun irradiance/lights and convert it to usable D/C Electricity.
  2. Each PV Panel connected into the PV array, which then feeds the PV Inverter.
  3. The PV Inverter converts the D/C Electricity to usable A/C Electricity, which then feeds automatically to your house (Acting as a Primary Grid and works in Parallel with your Existing ESB Supply).


Main Elements of a Smart Solar PV System in short

  • A High-Quality Mono Crystalline Solar PV Module like LG, SolarWolrd, BenQ or Phono.
  • A SolarEdge Power Optimizers which sit under each Solar PV panel, therefore turning your Solar PV system into an Intelligent PV System. 
  • A SolarEdge Grid-tie Solar PV Inverter
  • Live Internet Connection for Monitoring Portal


Why Solar PV?

Economical Benefits of Solar PV:

  • We Significantly Reduce Your Energy Bills
  • We Customise, Design and Manage Your Solar PV Installation from A- Z
  • We help you to Reduce your Electricity Consumption up to 70% from day one
  • We help Commercial Customers to minimalize Carbon Tax Liabilities
  • We are Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  • We are Increase Your Property Value
  • We Help you to access Government Grants
  • We Optimising your Solar PV Asset, so It will last longer and Generate More Revenue for You
  • We Providing Module Level Monitoring with our Smart Solar PV Systems
  • We Implement Smart Home Energy Management Systems
  • We Provide Up to 5 Years Free Service Warranty with our Systems
  • We Provide RECI Certification and Safe Electrical Installation after ourselves
  • We Provide Up to 5 Years Free Service Warranty with our Systems



Recent Solar PV Projects in Ireland


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