Why Solar Edge?

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Why Do We Recommend SolarEdge?


Solar Edge offers a full system which includes a distributed harvesting system and an inverter by using power optimizers which are connected to each P.V Module.


Power Optimizer is an intern connected to the SolarEdge Single Stage, Transformerless inverter.



  • Individual module monitoring, performance reporting and alerts.
  • SolarEdge Inverters includes a Monitoring Capability with the internet connection.
  • With the dedicated monitoring software, we can have the power and the data of each individual module at the same time than the Inverter send these data to the monitoring system over the internet.
  • This feature gives an ability to monitor and receives real-time feedback of the entire system, so you will know what your entire system is doing and what each module is doing.
  • With the SolarEdge monitoring software, you can view each P.V module output throughout the day.
  • It`s a browser-based and runs on the all popular browser No Special or complex software’s needed to run it.
  • In the monitoring system, you can zoom in and detect the shading effect and/ or failure.
  • SolarEdge is offering a free monitoring tool for the life of the system.

All the hardware you need is included in the inverter so you Don`t need to buy additional hardware.


How does power optimizer differ from microinverters?


  • Microinverters do the full DC to AC conversion near to the P.V module.
    The difficulties with it that this is a very Hot environment, therefore, the micro inverter efficiency is much lower than the DC to DC Optimizer.
  • By using a SolarEdge Optimizer, You can have All the Benefits of Micro Inverters at a lower cost with less heat produced on the roof with using a separate single inverter which is mounted away from the P.V array which can provide High Efficiency and much lower cost.
  • Make a long story short a Solar P.V array with Solar Edge Optimizer and String inverters can be much more efficient than the Micro inverters while retaining the benefits of the Microinverters.
  • 25% increase in energy production in systems with shading issues!
  • Energy loss caused by module mismatch and partial shading is eliminated.


Firefight and Arc Prevention with Solar Edge Systems


A Disconnection or Faulty Connection in a Regular PV system can cause an arc.

  • The arc is continuous and can cause fire or electrocution, In a SolarEdge System, the arc is detected and terminated by the dedicated Power Boxes.
  • SolarEdge Monitoring Portal alerts on the arc and pinpoints its location.
  • While the traditional inverters creating a hazardous string voltage during the P.V in operation, our Solar P.V system doesn`t.
  • Our P.V system sends 1 single volt on each SolarP.V panel, which allows the commission to the Solar P.V system easily, The String voltage remains safe during the installation.
  • Solar Edge Systems reducing the hazardous risk of electrocution and/or arcing.
  • Once the Safety switch is turned on, the Inverter operates at a fixed string voltage. The Power Boxes maintain each module`s voltage at MPP.
  • When switching the inverter OFF or disconnecting the Main AC, SolarEdge PowerBoxes shut down the P.V array system ensuring safe maintenance and fire fighting.




Flexible Design on Your Solar PV Array


Thanks to the SolarEdge Optimizer, your string members can be facing different directions. The optimizer detects the mismatch and deals with them independently. This function allows the panels to produce their maximum.


Full Visibility on Each Solar PV Module

Full Visibility on Solar PV Arrays


Immediate Fault Detection on Your Smart Solar PV System

Immediate Solar PV Fault Detection