What is the STC

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What is the Standard Test Condition STC

Solar Photovoltatic - P.V Panel STC Sample Curve


Standard Test Conditions or in short STC is a standard Quality Control Method, which helps the Manufacturers and the End Customers to identify the Maximum Power Point of a Solar PV Modules.


So, If you buy a Solar PV Module, the Maximum Named Power on the PV Module label is decided by this STC conditions.


STC Conducted under the following conditions:

  • Temperature of 25 Celsius Degrees
  • Full Sunshine irradiance of 1000w/m2
  • Air mass of 1.5


These conditions represent a clear summer day with the sun overhead the cells of the array facing directly towards the sun.


Because it is not possible to guarantee these conditions, the Solar P.V panel manufacturers using a dedicated and specially calibrated chamber to provide these light and heat conditions for the testing.