How to Clean Your Solar PV

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Should I Clean My Solar PV Array?


Dirt, Dust, Bird Drops on a Solar PV array can cause shading and hotspot, therefore it is important to check and clean it regularly.


If your Solar PV gets Dirty, Your Solar PV Electricity Production also will be drop, so It`s Your financial interest as well.

A Regular Manual cleaning schedule should be in place If:

  • The Solar PV Array is installed in the area which suffering from Dusty/Sandy condition (such as a beach)
  • Your Solar PV Array located close to a Bird clonally
  • If your Solar PV Array located in a Industrial Estates (sooty areas)



Here is several different Visual ways to clean different types of Solar P.V arrays:


Free Standing Solar P.V array

Cleaning a Solar PV Array 1




Flat Roof Mounted Solar P.V Array

Cleaning a Solar PV array 2



Clean it with clean and warm water

Cleaning a Solar P.V Array Panel