2.75kWP Rooftop Solar PV Recovery – Co. Dublin

2.75kWP Rooftop Solar PV Recovery - Co. Dublin
Client Residential
Location Co. Dublin
Scope Of Work Solar PV Repair and Reworks after an another "pv installer"
Schedule 2017

Project Detail

2.75kWP Solar PV System Recovery


Solar PV Recovery Location:

  • Co. Dublin


The PV Solar System Consist of

  • 10 x 275W Trina MonoCrystalline Solar PV Module
  • 1 x On-Grid Solar PV Inverter


Work Carried Out By SaveMeMoney

  • Solar PV System Diagnostic
  • Issues Finding
  • Repair and Protect D/C Cables
  • Rewire AC and DC Cables
  • Inverter Commission & RECI Certs


This Solar PV System was installed by a Third-party a year ago and didn`t work at all.
Since SaveMeMoney completes this 2.5kWP Solar PV System Recovery, the Solar PV System start to generate green electricity.