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Up to €3800 SEAI Grant available for your Home!

Intelligent Solar PV Solutions for your Home and for your SME Business. SEAI Grants & REVENUE Tax Incentives also Available!
3.9kW PV + 10kWH Solar PV Panels & Storage Installation
3.5kWP Smart SolarEdge Solar PV with Battery Installed in Co. Kildare

SaveMeMoney`s Most Recent PV Projects

in Ireland
Installed Solar PV Systems

This number of install represent the number of dwelling and commercial buildings, where SaveMeMoney were partly or fully involved in the Solar PV Install and Commission processes.

Installed PV Modules

Installed Solar Photovoltaic Modules Installations in Ireland. This volume consists Poly Crystalline & Mono Crystalline PV Modules with a WP range between 250WP – 330WP.

Total in Kilo Watt Peak (KWP)

Cumulative Solar Photovoltaic installations in kWP (Kilo Watt Peak).

Annual CO2 Savings (Tonnes)

Annual CO2 Savings in Tonnes achieved by our Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installations.