Intelligent Solar PV Solutions

Grants Available!


Save up to 70% on your Home Energy Bills with SaveMeMoney`s Intelligent Solar PV Systems.
Now with Free Monitoring for Life Included!

TESLA Powerwall 1 &
LG Chem Li-Ion Battery READY!


Is Your Farm located in an Ammonia Reach Environment? No Problem!
We provide the SAFEST Solar PV System Solution in the Irish Market.

Especially Designed for Farmers!


Reduce your Business Electricity Consumption Up to 35% with SaveMeMoney`s Commercial Solar PV Solutions.

Module Level Optimisation
Full Visibility, Enhanced Safety, 25Years

SaveMeMoney`s Most Recent PV Projects

in Ireland

Up to €3800 SEAI Grant available. Register your Interest Now!

Our Services includes

such as:

Solar PV Design

Solar PV Design Services from A-Z in accordance with the latest ETCI & RECI Rules


Solar PV Installation

Solar PV Installation with our own Certified Engineers.
Hassle free installation in one or multiple visit scenarios.


Self Consumption

Maximise your Self-consumption by storing your generated Surplus electricity for later use.


Smart Energy Management

Save Even More with our Intelligent Smart Energy Management systems, such as Smart Power Diverters, Smart Plugs and Power Controllers


Operation & Maintanance

O+M can be costly and frustrating.

Reduce your overheads by hire an expert for your Solar PV Operation and Maintenance services.


Labour Outsource

SaveMeMoney provides Labour services for Solar PV Builders and Energy Agencies.

Reduce your Overheads and Risks, by let us build your Solar PV system, with our Internal & Fully Certified Engineers.


Solar PV Repair

Having a badly installed Solar PV which not performing well or even not produce anything at all?

SaveMeMoney can Optimise and Even Repair your Solar PV System, so it will work better than ever before.


Service Warranty

SaveMeMoney provides up to 5 Years Free Service Warranty for our Solar PV Installations.

If you have a Solar PV, but made by a third party, we can cover yours as well, while SaveMeMoney takes the risk of future works, maintenance and repairs.

Our Solar Photo voltaic Installs

in Ireland
Installed Solar PV Systems

This number of install represent the number of dwelling and commercial buildings, where SaveMeMoney were partly or fully involved in the Solar PV Install and Commission processes.

Installed PV Modules

Installed Solar PV Modules Installations in Ireland. This volume consists Poly Crystalline & Mono Crystalline PV Modules with a WP range between 250WP – 330WP.

Total in Kilo Watt Peak (KWP)

Cumulative Solar Photovoltaic installations in kWP (Kilo Watt Peak).

Annual CO2 Savings (Tonnes)

Annual CO2 Savings in Tonnes achieved by our Solar PV Installations.

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